Welcome to Manly Swimming Club. The Club was formed in 1905, and this will be our 113th season!!

We have online registrations for all new members. Please follow the link “Registration” above. Swim registrations will be used from our list of eligible swimmers. Please register in advance of attending so that you and your family can swim on the day. Please ensure that all information is accurate especially birthdates as this information is used for the Championship events.

Renewing members will receive a renewal email, you can follow the instructions in the email.


The Club’s Constitution is available by clicking this link – Download a copy


Registration will be a little different this year and will be done through the Swimming New South Wales website. To join simply click the REGISTRATION link above, or in the menu.
Then at the top of the page you will see the Join Now button. Click on that then you will be asked to select a region which is Metro North East and then you will be able to select Manly Swimming Club. Its follow the bouncing ball from there.


Northern Beaches Council and the Swimming Club have an agreement in place regarding conditions of hire and conduct during our use of the pool. Entry to the pool is not included in membership fees. All members of the club must be financial in order to be covered by insurance. This includes non-swimming members. We are relying on your co- operation as the committee has signed the hire agreement with the council and has undertaken that all members be insured. Without this agreement, we are not able to operate the club.

Fees for the season 2018/19 will be:

One swimmer $159.00
Two swimmers $298.00
Three swimmers $412.00
Four swimmers $531.00
7 years and under $50.00

The above fees include the Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia affiliation fees of $69, which covers insurance and also enables our swimmers to enter meets outside WASA. You will be allocated a membership number which will stay with you and be used to enter our club races.

Members who are already members of other clubs who are affiliated with Swimming NSW and wish Manly to be their second claim club will need to contact me as you will not be able to join the club by the above method. I will assist you so you can join Manly.

Any queries on membership fees please email info@manlyswimclub.org.au


Manly Council grants the Club the use of the pool each Saturday morning. The Council has requested that we obey the standard pool rules and leave the pool surrounds neat and tidy for the public’s use in the afternoon. In particular, please remind your children that climbing on the pool covers and lane ropes is prohibited. Climbing on the lane ropes can pull them out of the wall, causing permanent damage. Please take note of any instructions issued by Manly Pool Management and Staff as your safety, and that of others, are paramount.


Race categories are designed to cater to different age groups and skill levels:

  • Tiny Tots (3-6 years) – 15 metres, swim aids allowed, parents may assist
  • Junior only races – 25 metres, 33 metres
  • Junior & Senior races -€“ 50 metres and 100 metres
  • Distance races -€“ 200 metres and 400 metres (time based entry criteria)
  • Juniors are 7 to 13 years of age
  • Seniors are 14 years and over

15 metre and 25 metre handicap races start from the shallow end of the pool. All other events start at the deep end. Every 5 weeks all events are held in the 25m pool. On these days, no 33m races are conducted. Please watch for the order and timing of races on these days, as they may differ from the order and timing of races when held in the 50m pool.

Junior swimmers may only compete in two free style races and two stroke races on any given day. Junior swimmers may not compete in two different distances for the same style on the same day, e.g. they cannot compete in both the 25m breaststroke and the 50m breaststroke or the 33m backstroke and the 100m backstroke on the same day. Distance races are treated separately.

All swimmers are eligible to swim in the 200m freestyle, provided they can swim 100m freestyle in less than two minutes. In order to move up to the 400 m freestyle you must be able to swim 200m in under 3.50 minutes. Note: Life members are not required to achieve a minimum time to enter. The Chief Marshall reserves the right to include non-eligible swimmers if time permits.

Senior swimmers may only compete in 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m events. There are dedicated senior 50m and 100m freestyle races. In all other races junior and senior swimmers compete against each other based on handicap.


All regular weekly races are handicapped. Swimmers start from GO or their allocated handicap number (in seconds) when that number is called by the starter. If a swimmer leaves the blocks before GO or their number, they will be disqualified.

At the beginning of the season all swimmers start with no handicap, and swim each race off GO (Time Trial). Once you have swum a race for the first time this season, you will be allocated a time used to handicap you against other swimmers. Each time you swim a race faster, your handicap time gets lower. If you swim slower it stays the same. Ideally you will get faster as the season unfolds.

Your handicap is the difference between your fastest time and the fastest times of the people you are swimming against, in seconds. So if you are one second faster than me, then I will swim off GO and you will swim off 1. That way, if we both swim our fastest we should have a very close race.


Over time junior competitors move up through the race distances as they achieve the required level of competence and confidence. To ensure movement between the levels there are the following guidelines:

  • 15m Tiny Tots – Once a swimmer can complete the 15m race unaided in less than 15 seconds they will be required to move up to the 25m and/or 33m races.
  • 25 metre races -€“ Once a swimmer can complete a 25m race in less than 25 seconds they will be required to move up to the 33m and/or 50m races.

To ensure fair allocation of points, younger swimmers will be allowed to retain their points when moving to up to a longer distance.


Championship events are held throughout the season. They are clearly marked in the office race program. Each swimmer competes in their age group. The age of the swimmer is based on their age is as of 1st October. Swimmers do not change age groups during the season. For example, if you are ten years old on the 1st October 2016, you swim in the ten year age group at club level for the whole season, even if you turn eleven during the season. Please check with the race secretary if you are unsure of your age group. Your correct age group will be printed on the sign-on sheets.

Age Champions are awarded in each age group (Tiny Tots is treated as one age group). For championship distance races there will be two junior age champions and two senior age champions (male and female).

A swimmer must contest a minimum of one handicap race in a specific event before competing in the championship race for that same event, e.g. you must compete in one 100M Butterfly handicap race, before entering the 100M Butterfly championships.

To be eligible to compete in championships, a swimmer must be a first claim member for the season (i.e. Manly Swimming Club is your primary club). Second claim members can compete but can’t win a place or set a record.

The “One Start Rule”€™ will apply for all Championships. This brings the Club in line with all external swim meets.


All championships are time based. There are no finals. All participants swim off GO.

25 metre Championship races are limited to Tiny Tots and 7 year old swimmers. 7 Year olds may also compete in the 50m Championships, but only if they have not competed in the 25m championship for that event, and only if they have competed in the 50m handicap race for that event earlier in the season. They may, however, mix and match, i.e. one swimmer might swim the 25m Fly championships and the 50m free championships.

The program is subject to alteration at the discretion of the race committee.

On the day of a championship event, no handicap event will be held in the same style/distance, e.g., 50 metres freestyle championship day there will be no 50 metre freestyle handicap race held on that day.


Entries for 200m / 400m close at 8:20am. There is a limit to the number of heats, so first entered gets to swim. There is a swim time requirement to enter. Swimmers must be able to swim 100m in under 2 minutes to enter the 200m freestyle event and 200m in under 3.50m to enter the 400metre event.

Entries for 33m free, 33m style and 15m tiny tots close at 8:50am. Entries for 25m free and 25m style close at 9:00am. Entries for 50m races close at 9:10am while

100m junior and senior events close at 9:20am sharp.

NO LATE ENTRIES CAN BE ACCEPTED. Note: On days when Swim Club is held in the 25m pool, there will be no 33m races. Therefore 15m and 25m race entries will close at 8:50am, and the Tiny Tots races will commence at 9am sharp!


An announcement is made over a loudhailer to call each race, and swimmers should immediately report to the marshal. Races cannot be held up if a swimmer fails to report to the marshal. Please tell the marshal if you cannot swim in later races. 50 and 100m races normally start after 10:30am.


Points are awarded for all races swum. These points are tallied for each event for the season. A winner in each event for the season is then determined. These winners receive a trophy on Presentation Day.

Points will be awarded as follows:

1st place 5 points
2nd place 3 points
3rd place 2 points

All other competitors in the race receive one point for starting. Handicap time

Each swimmer’s fastest time for each event will be used to set their handicap.


The first swim of the season for each swimmer in any given race is a Time Trial to establish a handicap and only 1 point will be awarded regardless of placing in the race. When swimming a time trial, members will swim off “Go”€™.


Wherever possible, race writers will endeavour to ensure that swimmers doing a time trial swim first in their own heats, and that a minimum of 4 racers will be in each handicapped heat.

Where handicapped and TT racers are in the same race, handicapped racers are the only swimmers awarded an official placing in that race.


The judge’€™s decision on finishing order overrides the clocked finish time as each lane is manually timed.

The website is updated regularly with news and information on the club including any swimming program changes. Wherever possible any changes will be emailed however use the website as a useful reference site. Please remember to let us know if your email address changes.


Record times are kept for each event and are displayed on the web site.

Establishing new records – The swimmer wishing to establish the record must swim in a sanctioned Manly Swimming Club championship event. These conditions are designed to ensure the club records are valid in the wider swimming world and that we are conforming to standard club swimming practice.


The John Koorey Marathon Swim is an important part of the Manly Club calendar. It is a fun event in honour of one our distinguished life members.

The Marathon swim is held at the end of the season when swimmers should be at their fittest. Swimmers of all ages and abilities have the chance to see how far they can swim continuously in an hour. Certificates are awarded for each swimmer. There are two starting times, 9am and 10:15am, and a nominal entry fee is charged. Swimmers will also be given the opportunity to raise funds for the club through sponsorship of their total laps swum.


A selection of clothing items is available for sale from the Club Room on Saturday morning.


The Manly Swimming Club encourages its swimmers to participate in WASA sanctioned/organised swim carnivals. WASA carnival information is available online www.warringahswimming.asn.au.

  • Entry forms are available for each WASA carnival online, via the WASA website. Please check your entry is complete with your details and entry times.
  • You will need your child’s times for specific strokes and distances for seeding of races by WASA (most events are not handicapped but are seeded)
  • Race entry fees and race forms are to be handed in before the due date printed on the form.
  • Relay teams are entered and paid for by the club. The teams are decided based on recorded fastest times by swimmers at Manly Swimming Club races. Wherever possible all swimmers will be entered in a team, but this will depend on numbers.


Manly Swim Club is affiliated with Swimming Australia, Swimming New South Wales and Sydney Metro North East. Further information is available online nsw.swimming.org.au and smne.org.au